Quarantine with Kids


Lillian Suwanrumpha

A new infant in Bangkok wears a face shield to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Jenna Kulka, Reporter

All around the world, young parents are welcoming new babies into this world, along with taking care of their existing children. Obviously, no part of being a parent is easy. Thanks to the coronavirus, parenthood has become more of a challenge. Parents, such as Kevin and Allison Kulka make additions to their family, while others, such as Eric and Jenna, learn to adjust to a different lifestyle.

 Hospitals around the nation are taking extra precautions to fight against the virus, even in the labor and delivery units.  “We had to sign in when we entered the hospital. We were screened with questions about our travel history and were asked to wear masks if we had them. The hospital was pretty empty,” Second time mother Allison Kulka explains her experience of the hospital, as she welcomed her second son into the world during a pandemic. 

Surely, there are many fears that come with labor and delivery before you consider any disease. In many cases, expecting mothers will have to go through labor without their spouse for safety precautions. “It was a little scary because of the unknown,” Allison explains how she felt leading up to her delivery, “Each day the policies changed.” Allison was lucky enough to have her husband, Kevin, in the delivery room with her. Kevin also added that this was one of his main concerns.

As some families welcome their new baby into their families, others are learning how to face working from home with an infant. Certainly, working from home is an adjustment for anyone with a office-oriented job, especially while taking care of a baby. “Balancing the new normal of work expectations with being a good momma and creating an environment where Nathan is happy and learning is still my number one priority,” Jenna Kulka explains how she is balancing her job with being the mother of her seven month old son, Nathan. 

Not only is this a change for the parents, but the children as well, “It will definitely be a transition for him when the quarantine is over and he begins seeing a nanny everyday,” Eric Kulka adds on the effect of the pandemic on his son. Although this is definitely a challenge for parents everywhere, Eric and Jenna have more positive things to say than negative, “This has strengthened our bond and has made him more attached than ever to us. It truly has been special!”