Legendary QB Tom Brady traded to the Buccaneers.



After 20 seasons with the New England Patriots, QB Tom Brady recently jumped ship to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Dylan Crum, Reporter

Thinking about his future in football, Quarterback Tom Brady wanted a change and was quick to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and leave behind his 6 time winning super bowl team the New England Patriots.  This announcement was made on March 17.

After the Patriots didn’t give Brady the deal he was looking for, he asked for a clause in his contract prohibiting them from using the franchise tag on him.  Brady wanted to have his freedom to make a change if the Patriots lacked of commitment continued, unfortunately for Patriot fans that’s exactly what happened.

“I believe that the Patriots will struggle next season because of Brady and recently Gronkowski both leaving for the Buccaneers. They might just not be that bad.  But with them both leaving, the Patriots now have two open spots that need to be filled smartly if they want a shot at another bowl or a positive record,” stated student Billy Thomas.

The Patriots shot at another Super Bowl are low at the moment, but with Brady joining the Bucs there chances have increased, after having a 7-9 record last season.

The sound of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning a Super Bowl is far-fetched to many.  “I believe that with the Bucs new pick up of Tom Brady they have the weapons on offense with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Rod Gronkowski.  Their offense is going to be really good but as for their defense they’re going to have to go all out if they want a shot at a championship,” stated student Reagan Humes.

With Brady going to the Bucs, he was a lot of new friends to make and a lot of new coaches to get to know.

When Brady was on the Patriots he had really good connections with his teammates and coaches.“ I feel that Brady is a real nice guy and will probably take more than enough time to get to know his teammates so they can have that personal connection together,” stated Thomas.

In all, Brady either will have a star season with the Bucs or their record won’t change.

“I feel that overall Tom Brady will do his best to bring a championship to Tampa and all his new teammates are probably hyped to have someone of his talent on their team,” commented Humes.