The New Normal for Children and Adults



Sydney Zietz (6) and Savannah Zietz (11) working on assigned math work on the computer.

Maiden Zietz, Reporter

Over the past six weeks, American schools across the country have shut down, leaving more than 32.5 million kids at home all day. For older kids or parents that are not working due to the virus it may be easy to teach and take care of their children, but for working parents with small children it’s difficult to deal with this new way of life. 

 Over the past couple months the average life of an American has been disrupted by a virus known as corona or COVID-19. Many work spaces across America have been shut down but some adults are still going to work, and some are leaving young children at home. 

Jason Zietz, father of 2 elementary school kids, said, “ The first thought when I heard schools are shut down was, where are my kids going to go throughout the day?” 

 This is the question that every working parent with young children had. Jenn Zietz stated, “I was honestly worried about working different hours and not being able to see my kids, but so far I’ve been working the same schedule and still see my kids after work.”

The Zietz’s are fortunate enough to have some older children to help watch the kids throughout the day while they are at work. It’s still not easy for them to leave their kids home. Jenn Zietz says, “Although I trust my older kids abilities to help the younger kids get their school work done, I feel like I don’t know enough about what’s going on.” 

 A lot of parents are worried about helping kids get their work done and stressed about the difficulty of the situations they are in at work. Jason Zietz says, “I was pretty nervous about leaving my kids home for the first week and a little bit the second week, but as the weeks go by this seems to feel like a new normal and my kids love learning from home with their older siblings, it’s really is a once in a lifetime thing.”