Libby Shaddeck

I took this photo as a demonstration of the frustration many students are feeling with their work load, technology, and the overall living situation

Are Schools Really Functioning?

May 25, 2020

Are students capable of succeeding while forced into classes with teachers who are uneducated in dealing with technology? 

     Kiersten Marendt, a sophomore at General McLane High School, admits that she has been struggling to adapt to the new environment especially because of the layout of her classes. She states that the material her teachers have been handing out are usually YouTube videos that are “outdated, off topic, and too long.” She continued to say that online classes are especially difficult because she doesn’t have encouragement from her peers to get work done and teachers are even  more bleak than usual, adding sorrow to the workday. 

    Aida Shadeck, a student at Penn State, shares that even her college professors are struggling,  not only in morale but also finding the appropriate amount or work to assign, and the intensity level of the work. Shadeck states, “There is no equilibrium, the work is either too hard or way too easy, either too much work, or I’m bored because I have nothing to do.” Shadeck said that she would like to change the way instructors work by making the curriculum and workload more individualized to each student because “somebody always gets left out”. 

      While classes are the main priority, clubs and organizations have also been majorly affected. Before schools were shut down Marendt was involved in student council, Broadway Dinner, and cheer. She says there have been very few meetings for these activities and they are “a lot less productive.” This is concerning to her because all three organizations had upcoming plans such as Mr.GM, performances, and tryouts and she’s still uncertain about what will happen. 

     Overall, it seems like learning has come to a standstill. Work has been put off. Clubs are basically shut down. And sports are postponed. Ask yourself if schools are truly functioning or if they are just present. 

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