Seniors Giving Back, Despite a Pandemic


Toni Zona

Logan Mitchell, Tanner Daniels, Megan Fay, and Sarah Thomas build a bench which was installed outside the athletic entrance of GMHS.

Carter Willis, Reporter

         General McLane High School Seniors participated in one of their final high school related activities of their lives, by giving back. Last year, the class of 2019 participated in the first ever senior giveback day at General McLane by completing various tasks on the outside of the high school related to landscaping and cleaning up. Next up was the class of 2020 this year, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, a different approach had to be thought of. On Wednesday, May 20, seniors still gave back to the school that gave them so much for four years, but not all at once. Give back day was able to be accomplished by having seniors come in smaller groups at certain time periods, completing different tasks. 

Students install a bench during giveback day.

          Senior Kendra Trezona played a big role in the organization and setting up of the senior give back day. Senior Alyvia Carmosino played a big role as well by reaching out to teachers to see if they would like to join the students. I asked them questions regarding the day and how everything fell into place. 


Q: Who donated the supplies for the give back day and what was donated? 

Kendra: JJ Wurst donated eight Bushes and Stan’s Garden Center donated three. Wellmans gave the white stones/gravel.


Q: Whom from our schools faculty joined the students in the participation of giveback day? 

Alyvia: Mrs. Hanley, Mrs. Chelton, Ms. Behnke, Mrs. Zona, Mr. Wheeler, Mrs. Mumau, Mrs. Weiss, Ms. Karns, Mr. Krizanik, Mr. Hager, Mrs. Yonko, Ms. Jahn, Mr. Knight, Mrs. Stawicki and Ms. Garofalo. 

Mrs. Jahn, Mr. Knight, Sydney Patterson, and Amy Patterson spruce up the student tailgating area.

Q: How many senior students attended the giveback day? 

Alyvia: 70 seniors had signed up for the giveback day, but a few may not had been able to show up. 


Q: How long was the giveback day and how many students came at each given time period? 

Kendra: The day started at 9:00am and ended at 7:30pm. There were 14 different time slots with 5 or less students along with faculty present at each time period. 


Q: What was accomplished at giveback day? 


Kendra: Multiple flower gardens surrounding the school were weeded and mulched. The pathways and trails into the woods along with the amphitheater were cleaned up. At the back gym lobby entrance, two benches were built, 11 bushes were planted and the white stone/gravel was spread along the entrance between the bushes and benches. The cornhole boards at the tailgating area were freshly painted as well. Once the seniors were done with everything, they painted a smaller rock and put it along the pathway in the gravel. 

Nate Jones and Jeremy Getson shovel white gravel into a wheelbarrow at the senior giveback day.