Prom At Home


Karen Hodas

Despite prom being cancelled, a coronation ceremony was held for the prom court. Ryan Hess and Ellen Eisert were crowned prom king and queen, while Derrick Kowalczuk and Sydney Patterson we’re crowned prince and princess.

Calleigh Nurse, Reporter

May 9, 2020. The juniors and seniors of General McLane High school woke up to flurries of snow in their backyards. Instead of donning dresses and suits, the upperclassmen this year put on masks and carried on their business. 

It is understandable that the juniors and seniors are disappointed this year. Prom has been rescheduled to a later date, and the students have some genuine concerns. Logan Mitchell, a senior candidate for prom king, stated that he felt disappointed “when they moved prom because some of my friends will probably be gone by then.”

Prom has been somewhat of a tradition in high schools for many years, and it is important to some student’s high school experience.

Mitchell continued, “I think prom is important for us because it’s one of the last things we get to do together as a high school before we move on with our lives.” 

Prom is a school event that is hosted by the student council. Every year the junior class officers plan prom with the help of Mrs. Fritchman and Mr. Korb. However, with no definite date for the end of quarantine, many details about “summer prom” remain up in the air. 

Savannah Yonkin from student council weighed in commenting, “Prom has been pushed to the side currently and the main focus has been on graduation.” Nevertheless, there are still some tentative plans for summer prom. “We plan to have it late July to early August if possible. We are planning to keep it at the Ambassador center, but we are also looking at outdoor venues as well.”

However, some students took the Saturday to celebrate their own prom in quarantine. Posts and Snapchats showed people dressing up in their formal wear the celebrate the date. Junior Anna Chernicky, who was planning on attending prom in May, even took the time to create her own dress. 

“I guess I celebrated prom by making my own dress!” Chernicky stated. “I’ve always been interested in fashion and design. I think it’s something I want to go into as my career. It took about two weeks and it’s red with lace flowers!”

Many are thankful that prom is simply postponed for General Mclane students this year and not cancelled. However James Laird, a junior, shared his opinion by saying “If prom is cancelled, at least I won’t have to buy a tux!