Stay at Home Order being Lifted?


Press Release

Governor Wolf briefs reporters on Coronavirus updates

Dylan Fisher, Reporter

      The return to everyday life has been the endeavor of most individuals during this time of crisis and pandemic. Phrases such as “returning to normalcy,” “the new normal,” and “not business as usual” have become commonly used platitudes among television and radio advertisements as well as social media users. These phrases reflect the optimism and hopefulness of the human spirit as well as the ability of communities to band together in spite of  their differences to overcome challenges.

      It is no doubt that officials have been working very hard to overcome and lift certain restrictions in different areas of Pennsylvania and to better the life and economy of Pennsylvanians. Governor Tom Wolf has just recently released a statistic which depicts a red and yellow colored Pennsylvania with the yellow area representing places where some restrictions will be lifted and the red areas representing places in which restrictions remain the same. 

     In a press conference, Tom Wolf announced that 24 counties will “move from the red phase to the yellow phase.” The idea behind the different colored phases is that areas will proceed from red to yellow and finally to green with less restrictions per colored phase. He furthers this idea on social media by writing, “…more businesses can open with safety guidance in place….telework (online work) must continue wherever possible…residents should (still) wear masks and social distance to avoid an outbreak.”

      It is needless to say that this is great news, but what are other Pennsylvanians hoping for? Annie Fisher, a student of Edinboro Elementary School, says, “I hope that I can go back to school to see all of my friends and my teacher.” Another thing that Fisher is hopeful for is the reopening of sit-in restaurants saying, “I wish I could still eat at The Engine House 39. I hope that I’ll be able to eat their Macaroni and Cheese because it’s my favorite (meal).” 

     Jennifer Fisher, a teacher at Rice Avenue Middle School in Girard, says, “ I’m hoping that I’ll be able to take my family on vacation this summer and see extended family and friends.”

     Only with hope, determination, and strength will America persevere through such a crisis, so with that being said, stay hopeful, be strong, and be determined.