Friends from Half a World Away

This school year, two students from other countries have been attending General McLane. They have each shared what they think about the US, General McLane, and other thoughts they have about being foreign exchange students.


John Wehe

John Wehe

John Wehe hails from the Federal Republic of Germany. His general opinion of how the US is different from Germany is that the US is just “bigger.” He also notes that General McLane is different than his high school in Germany in that it has a heavier emphasis on sports. Wehe says that, in Germany, they have sport clubs and no school sports teams. The thing he misses most about his home country, however, is its bread. German bread is the best in his opinion. He thinks that the other students at General McLane would find the German culture very interesting. In Germany, greeting a German is as easy as simply saying hello, according to Wehe.


Kirsten Sadlack

Kirstan Sadlack Foreign
Kirsten Sadlack is another student from Germany. Unlike Wehe, Sadlack believes that Germany differs from the US in just about “everything.” She adds that General McLane is different from her high school back home because it has a different schedule. For example, there is a gathering of the students at the beginning of the day. While she can’t think of what she misses about Germany, she does think the other GM students would find the German language interesting.

These two students agree in that they have had a good few weeks. Each one also adds that the people they have met have been very friendly.