Helping Horses

Blackfoot relaxing after a good day of work

Abby McIntyre

Blackfoot relaxing after a good day of work

Abby McIntyre, Reporter

Mondays and Fridays, and Thursdays during the summer, the parents of the kids in the Shriners program bring their children to The WLD Ranch to ride horses to help them become stronger in many ways, with the help of WLD barn staff. 

Louise McIntyre shared, “ The riding really helps the kids’ bodies to become stronger but the interacting with the staff that work with them helps them more understand how to communicate with other people.”

Not only is the riding of the horses beneficial for the kids but as is the interaction with the people that work with them. Walking and talking with them helps show them how to talk to new and different people. 

“I would recommend riding horses to someone with a special need child because it can really help open up their child in a way that they have never seen before. Their child could be completely different after just one ride.” McIntyre stated.

Riding horses is not only beneficial for special needs children it can be good for people of all ages with all different abilities. Sometimes it can only take one ride to see a change in a child but sometimes it can take long but it is definitely worth trying. 

“Not only does the riding help the kids but it helps the staff in a way too. Seeing those kids open up to them and getting so excited to see their helpers when they arrive just seems to put a fire, so to say, in the staff’s hearts,” shared McIntyre.

Speaking as a staff member that helps with this program, it really is truly amazing to watch those kids walk up to you with a humongous smile on their faces, and the same smile when they leave really is inspiring. 

“I truly love working with these children twice a week it really is an amazing way to start and end my week”