Movie Review: Why You Should Watch “Django Unchained”


Picture taken from the movie

Django and his friend Dr. Shultz

Dylan Fisher, Reporter

     Yet another masterpiece of Quentin Tarantinno is his 2012 film ”Django Unchained.” ”Django Unchained” tells the wonderfully crafted tale of a free slave seeking retribution and his lost love, and is, in my earnest opinion, a true masterpiece and work of art. The film features intense action, gritty dialogue, and a gratifying plot development.

      In the movie, you get to watch as Django and his friend Dr. King Schultz, a bounty hunter, hunt down brutal slaveholders, guilty of obscene crimes, and unflinchingly murder them and cash their bodies in for bounty money. As an observer, you want so badly for Django to see his lost wife and avenge the crimes of terrible people, and that generally happens throughout the course of the movie.

      Some critics seem to shun Tarantino’s excessive use of violence; however, this same attribute is admired by lots of fans of this movie. The movie justifies the violence due to the extreme and horrifying crimes committed by Django’s victims. Although the violence is a little bit excessive and unrealistic, it still enhances the movie and brings fans of Tarantino films back to watch more and more of his work, and although the character development is rather lackluster, having rather static character development, it isn’t exactly what makes the movie great. 

     There are a handful of attributes and aspects of “Django Unchained”that do make it a great movie.To begin, the movie has great cinematic filming, intricately crafted scenes, overall good dialogue, story layout, and action that go against typical film making. One of the first scenes in the movie depicts Dr. Schultz surprisingly kill two cartoonish, traditional western villain type slave traders without any emotion, in a rather humorous way that defines Dr. Shultz as a character. This type of filmmaking is what really makes a Tarantino film stand out from any other film.

     Next, the movie has a diverse and carefully selected soundtrack that really sets it apart from most films. The movie can go from beautiful country/folk song to a more upbeat, motivating rap song and still maintain relevance and pertain to the emotional atmosphere of the scene. 

     Subsequently, the movie takes a different approach on what a western style movie is. The movie features an African American protagonist, which was unconventional in old american westerns. The movie also has a different type of action than old westerns. It takes highly unrealistic, bloody and gorey action and molds it into the atmosphere of a western film, which typically would have a less cinematic type of action, favoring shootout type scenes with less reliance on blood, action, and dialogue and more reliance on just shooting. 

    As has been noted, “Django Unchained” is a great movie, and I would give it five out of five stars, as well as recommend it to anyone who finds themselves bored with what their watching or anyone simply looking for a good movie.