Krispy Kreme Honors the Class of 2020


Nate Jones , Reporter

On Tuesday, May 19 all Krispy Kreme locations had a free dozen donuts giveaway to all class of 2020 seniors. I chose to go to the upper Peach Street location myself, with a few friends, to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. It didn’t disappoint.

We waited in a line backed up all the way to Texas Roadhouse for over an hour and a half.  The wait was full of memorable activity such as Brayden Miller’ running across Peach street to get drinks from Country Fair, making friends from other schools while waiting in line, and making some enemies as well.

There are so many seniors who live in the Erie area. It seemed like almost every single one of them went to the free donut giveaway. The fact that Krispy Kreme gave every person in line a dozen donuts is nothing short of incredible!

Every senior had a great time and ate their donuts in different ways. Some had a donut picnic at the lake or ate them at their house with their friends or families.  My friends and I  found a creative way to enjoy our donuts.  We had a “donut run.”  At the donut run seniors Logan Mitchell, Ben Lipinski, Ben Howe-Jones, Sam Wagner, Brayden Miller, Derek Waltz, and myself (AKA the “Tag Team)  each had to eat a dozen donuts. But we placed donuts at  200m intervals on the track. So you eat a donut, run 200m, eat a donut, run 200m until you eat all twelve donuts and run a total of 2400m. All on a hot, sunny day. The donut run was a lot of fun but also made everyone not feel well and have a taste aversion to donuts for the next month.

Krispy Kreme did a fantastic job with this giveaway letting the seniors make the most out of the situation that they are in which is a situation unlike any other. Thank you to Krispy Kreme and make sure you check out my vlog on YouTube “TAG TEAM (ep. 2): DONUT RUN” on my channel “Nate Jones” (link below).