The Right to Bear Arms



Students from General McLane and other members of the Erie Student Coalition at the March for Our Lives Rally held in Washington D.C. after the Stoneman Douglas mass shooting in 2018.

Chloe Miles, Reporter

38,000. That’s how many lives that are taken each year due to gun violence in the United States. In the past decade, the argument on whether or not there should be gun control laws has become an extremely controversial topic, but a large number of people feel it is a vital topic that greatly affects this country. 

Many people who hear “gun control” automatically associate it with their weapons being taken away, which is not the case. Gun control would not be a breach of the second amendment, but it would make the ownership of weapons safer by filtering out the people who are unfit to have and purchase guns. People also turn down the idea of gun control because they say that they need guns for protection, but as long as they are fit to own them they can do so. 

Teacher Timothy Snair was interviewed on gun control in America.  Snair, who is the adviser for the school’s trap team, expressed that early education on gun use and safety would be a very valuable precaution that could potentially limit gun violence. Although this is important, guns still end up in the hands of individuals that are unfit to operate them or have malicious intent.  

Currently, most Americans can purchase a high-capacity magazine guns before they are able to purchase alcohol. Meaning, the government feels that these people are not mature enough to consume intoxicating beverages, but that they are mature enough to own a dangerous rifle. Going forward, there needs to be stricter laws and regulations determining who is able to purchase a gun, and for what reasons. Hunting weapons and self protection weapons shouldn’t be outlawed, but there is no need for semi-automatic guns to be so common, especially considering how often they are used for inflicting harm. By the end of 2019, there were 417 mass shootings in U.S. Most of these shootings involved semi-automatic weapons that have the ability to shoot at an incredibly fast rate. There is not any valid excuse on why these types of guns should be owned by any American, for they are far more dangerous than most. This is why there should be highly in depth background checks and certifications that prevent people who have mental illnesses and people who have committed any crime from owning a gun. 

School Resource Officer José Montes explained proposals to limiting gun rights should be considered carefully.  If implemented, some citizens may feel the laws are overstepping or overdone, while others may feel the limitations are not enough

To fully understand the ideas of establishing gun laws, it’s important to listen to other’s opinions in order to be completely educated on the matter before forming personal views. These regulating aspects of owning a gun may seem unnecessary, but in the long run they could save countless lives.