Abortion is a Woman’s Choice


Some people volunteer to safely lead women in and out of abortion clinics.

Delaney Fickle, Reporter

   “Unborn children have never had a stronger defender in the White House,” stated President Trump. Statements like this are what caused such an uprise in controversy over abortion. Protesters now gather in front of abortion clinics and harass the women going in and out. 

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    Although it is 2020, women still have to fight for equality. Men should not have a say in whether or not abortions are illegalized. They are unable to carry children, and they will never fully understand a woman’s reason to have an abortion. Men will never experience the physical and mental toll laboring and delivering a baby has on women. They aren’t forced by women to get vasectomies, so why should women be forced to have abortions? 

     Women should not be put to blame for unplanned pregnancies. It takes two people to have a baby. Not only do women experience unplanned pregnancies, but also young girls and teenagers. If forced into a bad situation, children, teenagers, and women can be carrying a child produced from their offender. Many people argue that abortions should only be allowed in these extreme cases, but every abortion has a reason behind it. 

     Religion plays a role in people’s belief in pro-life or pro-choice too. Many Christians say abortions are against the Bible, and that is reason enough to be against it. If a Christian uses this argument, they should live by the Bible. It is not moral to pick and choose what to believe in religiously. No one should ever put women down for choosing to have an abortion when Christians aren’t for picking and choosing what they want to believe in. 

     Today, people argue their right to wear a mask during COVID-19. Many people say it is against their right, and they should not be told what to do with their bodies. This argument should be considered for a women’s right to have an abortion. No one else wants to be told what to do with their bodies, so don’t tell women what to do with theirs either. 

     Women’s rights should never be arguable, and they should never be harassed for exercising their rights. Pro-choice is not murder, it’s believing in women’s choice, and saving babies from being mistreated.