The Mill: Bringing New Business to the Boro by Restoring a Local Relic

Caleigh Meyer, Reporter

  Do you want a new, classy place to go to when times are slow?  The Mill in Edinboro, is soon to offer food and supplies for any adventure. Once known as the Agway building, the space was purchased last May and completely renovated to house retail businesses. The owner of The Mill, former resident Jamin Bookhamer, has said the transformation of the building took longer than expected but has also exceeded his expectations.

        The Mill is presumed to be a commercial space for local retail businesses in Edinboro such as Lakeside Bagel, 814 Outdoor Sports, and YAAS Mercantile. Bookhamer stated, “When we bought the building and started the design process, we had the idea that we wanted to have businesses that would play off of each other, and people would want to come to the building to stop in at multiple storefronts. Our goal was to have a food establishment and hopefully attract one or two new businesses to Edinboro. We were fortunate to have both of those things happen for us.” 

       Finally, after almost a year and a half of Bookhamer and his crew’s hard work and determination, The Mill is soon to be fully open. Antique store YAAS Mercantile opened to a line of customers out the door on October 10, 814 Outdoor Sports has been set to release on November 2, and Bookhamer stated that Lakeside Bagel has intentions of opening up inside The Mill sometime around Thanksgiving. 

      To many of us, Edinboro may seem like just another small town, but for the Bookhamer family it has special meaning. “I grew up in Edinboro, and I am a GM graduate. My wife, Ingrid, is from Ottawa, Canada. We have lived and worked in Norway, Belgium, Thailand, South Korea, and now Singapore; but to us Edinboro is a really special place. We have a home on Lakeside and we spend our summers in Edinboro, and someday it will probably be home for us again,” confided Bookhamer.

When the old Agway building went on the market, Bookhamer was interested, but knew it needed a lot of work to meet code and to be renovated into a usable space. “We were afraid that someone was going to buy it and tear it down, and to me it is the entrance to Edinboro.  It reminds me that I am home every time I drive into town and I just thought it could be so much more.”     

With Edinboro being a family-oriented community, it is important for any business to have some appeal to children. Bookhamer states that The Mill is a wonderful place for families, especially with children, because of 814 Outdoor Sports and, an Edinboro favorite, Lakeside Bagel. 

“814 Outdoor Sports is going to have bikes, skis, and boards. Edinboro is an awesome area for outdoor sports in all seasons and 814 Outdoor Sports will not only sell equipment but also rent and do clinics to help the younger generations get into outdoor healthy living. My family bikes, skiis, and paddles, so we are really excited for what 814 will bring to the community,” Bookhamer states. 

Plus, if being active and running around isn’t your thing, you could always stop at Edinboro’s classic Lakeside Bagel or stroll through YAAS Mercantile’s collection of interesting antiques curated from multiple local vendors. 

    “We think that Edinboro has a lot to offer with all the small businesses and restaurants, as well as the lake and Mount Pleasant.  The vendors that work in YAAS Mercantile have a following from all around the tri-state area, so we are hoping it helps all the small businesses in Edinboro. We look forward to many spring and summer event days that the three businesses will plan together to benefit the entire Edinboro community,” commented Bookhamer.