Buck of a Lifetime Dead!


Cole Smith, Reporter

Did you know a state record buck was living less than a mile away from our high school? A whitetail deer was poached near Jay’s Auto on Hamilton Road and this wasn’t just a regular whitetailed deer. This deer was over 200 inches. If you know anything about deer hunting you know that this is a jaw dropping buck.

     Poaching is one of the biggest crimes you can commit when it comes to hunting. There are little fines you can commit that can cost a couple hundred dollars but poaching can make you a felon. Poaching fines can vary from state to state but in Pennsylvania a third offense gets you a felony conviction with up to $10,000 in fines and one to five years in prison. You also cannot ever buy a hunting license again.

     Poaching is one of the biggest problems whenever you have a big buck around. When you have a trophy whitetail deer you have to devote hours and hours into tracking the deer and finding its movement pattern, but when you have pictures of a trophy buck all over social media it becomes a problem. 

That is what happened to this buck. Many people posted pictures of it and its whereabouts on Facebook. This caused these not so great people to go out at night with a spotlight and high powered rifle.  When you shine a light on a deer it freezes for a couple seconds then runs, giving a poacher the opportunity to shoot it from the road. 

Many people are very unhappy with this incident because they wanted to see this buck get shot legally and put into the record books.“Whoever killed this buck deserves everything they get because they knew it was wrong and it is a big deal. Most people don’t realize it, but some people’s jobs are to hunt, but some dude thinks it’s okay to poach the deer,” remarked an anonymous GM hunter.