Gunshots on Sunday?


Cole Smith, Reporter

Have you ever heard of Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania? Probably not, because it doesn’t exist. Sunday hunting is allowed in 38 out of 50 states, and Pennsylvania is currently not one of them. However, the state is currently experimenting with the idea.

     Pennsylvania is surrounded by states that allow hunting on Sundays. Ohio legalized Sunday hunting in 2002, and New York legalized it in 1996. Pennsylvania legislators have been pushing for Sunday hunting, but the bill has failed to pass many times. People are afraid that church service will be disturbed, and farmers and hikers will not have any days free of hunters. But, on the other end, hunters think that it will improve many things such as the amount of money funded to the Pennsylvania Game commission and the amount of hunters in the woods. The more people that hunt, the more money that goes into public land. 

     In 2019, The Game Commission pushed forward a Sunday hunting act that would permit 3 Sunday’s of hunting in the 2020 seasons. The first Sunday of hunting will take place on November 15, and you are only permitted to hunt deer with a compound bow or a crossbow. The second day takes place on November 22, and you are only allowed to hunt bears with a rifle. The last day is November 29 and it is deer with a rifle. This is an experiment to see how Sunday hunting goes, and some people believe, if this year goes good, they will allow Sunday hunting every Sunday. 

     I strongly agree with Sunday hunting because I can’t see where anything goes wrong. All it is doing is giving the state more money, and the state never seems to turn down money. Hunting doesn’t cause a lot of injuries. If you are taught well by your elders, you do not have to worry about gun safety.