The 22nd Annual Edinboro Highland Games!


Aimee Dickson, Edinboro 22nd Annual Highland Games

On Friday, Sept. 11- Sunday, Sept. 13, thousands of people grabbed their raincoats, put on their kilts, and drove to the twenty-second Annual Edinboro Highland Games. At once, people proceeded to make their way through the crowd to enjoy the festivities that were being held. Activities such as extreme sports (including Disc Golf Tourney) were held, and visitors enjoyed the traditional musical stylings of the Chelsea House Orchestra or other great musicians. Others simply wandered about in the small shop tents that sold traditional Scottish or Welsh foods and antiques. Visitors were asked to donate money, in exchange for a pin, in order to support Edinboro University and the games. Green, red, blue, and even yellow kilts were seen throughout the event, as many visitors did their own part of celebrating their heritage. Most of the people that attended the Highland Games have some form of Scottish heritage in their family.

“The Edinboro Highland Games has a lot to offer,” says Taylor Birk, a graduate of Edinboro University, “it appeals to a wide variety of people, it is full of Scottish culture that we normally do not get in the U.S.” Birk was on the welcoming committee, along with some of the other students.

The Highland Games, originating in Ireland, has been celebrated since 2000 B.C. Before it became a public event, the Highland Games were for the Royalty and high class to prove their strength and elegance.

Edinboro University started their Highland Games event in April of 1993. Mr. Tim Thompson, founder of the event, and his classes spent 8 months preparing for the first Edinboro Highland games and pulled in 500 people to participate in the events. Since its start, the number of participants throughout Erie County has increased as well as the amount of vendors and entertainers for the event. This event is culture rich, very educational and inspires the proud Scot in all of us.

GM junior, Haley Wells, and sophomore Elizabeth Krizmanich placed in the amateur division of the Highland Games Plein Air Art Competition. For more information visit the Lancer Life Blog.