Limitations for One, Limitations for All

Anna Chernicky and Dominic Shrader crowned king and queen at the homecoming game

Mrs. Fritchman

Anna Chernicky and Dominic Shrader crowned king and queen at the homecoming game

Katelynne Langer, Reporter

          With the pandemic, schools and stores have limited the amounts of capacity.

          On March 17, the Coronavirus lockdown began. Although it has been a couple of months, everyoneis still advised to practice social distancing. At football games, a restricted amount of people are allowed in the football stadium.

          “I definitely think that it’s not too much to ask for to have limits set at sporting events. It will help give people peace of mind and help others to feel safe,” sophomore Mallory Grucza said. “I think the country is at a point where we need to try our best to return back to normal while still keeping in mind wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing, as well as limiting the amount of people in a store or at an event”

          Even though not everyone can go to the games, it keeps everyone safe.

          “I feel that having a limited amount of spectators definitely had an impact on the game because it makes you feel like you have less to play for,” sophomore Talon Frick said. “I can see why people say it is unconstitutional to limit attendance and masks, but personally, I agree with everything the government has done, [and] feel they could have done much better.”

          Besides school events, stores have to limit their capacity.

          “Sometimes, it’s frustrating that I have to wait to go into a store, but at the end of the day, I believe it’s necessary,” Grucza said. “Some stores are really small, so it would be dangerous to be so close to other people or having a store so full of people.”

          Having limitations can be frustrating for some people.

          “I disagree with limitations because I think any outdoor activity shouldn’t have a limit because the area is way bigger,” sophomore Sydney Ferraro said. “I think as long as you’re wearing a mask, the same amount of people, as other years, should be allowed.”

          However, without limitations, there is an increased risk that more people can contract the Coronavirus.

          “If I had the power to, I would still keep the limits until we had a vaccine for the virus,” senior Anna Chernicky said.

          With restrictions, not everyone will be able to do everything they want to, but it is vital to overcoming this pandemic.

          “If I were in power, I would limit certain things even more and make it a crime not to wear a mask even though it’s illegal, but if I had that power, I would,” Frick said.

          Not being able to participate in events is not fun. Within time, more people might be able to participate if everyone respects the limitations.

          “The limitations are pretty reasonable, and I think it’s good that stores are setting boundaries,” Chernicky said. “I agree with having limited numbers at games to help not spread the virus (although it is sad).”

          No matter how frustrating it might get, everyone will be able to get through this together with limitations.

          “If I had the power, I would definitely enforce limitation. We are so fortunate to be at a point where we can have events, go shopping, and even dine indoors, but the key to keeping that stability is to make sure that no establishment is fully operated,” Grucza said.