You Just Got Served!


Brett Mallory, Reporter

Is the General McLane High School Volleyball team prepared to go to districts? Fort Leboeuf better watch out because the GM Ladies are coming after them. With a talented mix of new freshman and seasoned upperclassmen the team should be unstoppable this season.

“I think we will do well this season. We have a lot of great players on the team, and we treat each other as if we were a big family,” said Noelle Mallory, a senior right side hitter on the varsity team. “Fort Leboeuf will be our toughest competition this year and we hope to meet them in the district finals so we can beat them to go to states.”
The season started out with a victory over Maplewood on Sept. 9. The Lady Lancers shut them out without going into the fourth or fifth set.
“Our team’s strengths are our blockers and hitters with our one weakness is that we do not come together and support each other after every point good or bad,” said Mallory. “I believe this season will be the best season we have had so far because at anytime in the rotation we have powerful hitters in the front row, so the other team won’t know what’s coming.”
In agreement with Mallory, Senior hitter Anna Seidel said, “I agree with Noelle that we don’t come together after every play. But with it just being the beginning of the season, I think we are just learning how to become a cohesive team and learning to work as one.”
Last year the team lost to Fort Leboeuf so they did not get to have a chance at districts. If they practice hard, play up their strengths, and work on their teamwork they will have a great chance at victory this year.
“My goal for the team is to make it far and surpass people’s expectations,” said Seidel. “My goal for myself is to keep on gaining more knowledge about the game of volleyball.”
Although there are many upperclassmen on the team, the team has also obtained many new faces that hope to help the team.
“This year’s practices are a lot different than last year’s because we now work with all of the upperclassmen instead of our grade level,” said Madison Lindsey, a freshman junior varsity player. “The transition from last year to this year was not that hard. It was definitely a very big change from just practicing with 10 girls to practicing with 18, but the upperclassmen are really helping us learn a lot of new things.”
This year is predicted to be the best year of volleyball there has been in the past few years. Come support the Lady Lancers on Oct. 6 at Fort Leboeuf, or Oct. 29 at GM to see them take on Fort Leboeuf. We wish all of the ladies good luck and hope they will make it to states this year.