COVID Tries to Seize the Holiday, but GM Students Find a Way


Jennifer Langer

Family Thanksgiving dinner

Katelynne Langer, Reporter

          Turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.

          During the Thanksgiving holiday, everyone spends time together with family and friends pursuing their favorite traditions. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic the holidays will not be the same this year. 

Some people will not be able to participate in their normal traditions. Sophomore Erin Mennow usually goes to Pittsburgh to see her family, but she is not sure if she will be able to do that this year.  “My favorite thing to do during Thanksgiving is to hang out with my cousins and the rest of my family!”

          On the bright side, Mennow will still be able to do some fun activities even if she is not celebrating with her extended family.  “I will definitely be eating a lot and watching football,” she stated. 

          For the holiday, sophomore Maddie Foradori’s extended family typically all stay at her grandma’s house for a week, but this year they will be going in three separate groups, at different times, to stay safe from the Coronavirus. This year might not be the exact same as the previous years, but Foradori will still get to participate in her favorite activity with less company.

          “I love watching “Regular Show” with my aunts and cousin on the couch till my grandma yells at us,” Foradori said. “You just kind of get lost in the moment, and you’re laughing too much to think about anything important.”

         The virus is thwarting more than just family dinner plans.  

          “Well, I can’t go Black Friday shopping,” senior Chandler Villanueva said. “Not in person at least.”

          Unfortunately, many plans will have to be changed due to the pandemic.  Although everyone might not be able to participate in all of the activities that they want to, they will still be able to sleep in and eat a great deal of delicious food!