Biden Proposes Covid Relief Plans as Virus Worsens

Chloe Miles, Reporter

“The United States is 4% of the world’s population, but contributes to 20% of the world’s deaths [due to COVID-19] with 210,000,” stated former Vice President Joe Biden back in June when he was campaigning for president. With the US death count now at 258,000, and Biden as the president-elect of our nation, he will have a massive task in front of him to get this virus under control when he takes office on January 20, 2021. 

Biden has released his plans to help the current situation, and with the Trump administration finally beginning the transition of power, Biden’s newly named Covid19 task force will have the funds and information needed to do their jobs. Their plans have a lot of layers to them, but there are a couple of things that look to be the most helpful. The Biden Administration wants to provide free and accessible testing along with the means to help distribute a vaccine to prevent the virus. In order to help people that are struggling financially, Biden would like to provide paid leave and different forms of financial aid in the form of stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, and larger Social Security checks. In hopes to take more precautions, he would like to apply clearer social distancing guidelines and he wants to provide masks, gloves, and sanitizer to people and groups that need it. With Biden’s plan, many hope that we can finally overcome this destructive virus. 

In Erie county, cases have risen significantly in the past month causing many concerns, and new state-level regulations for masking and travel. Here at GM, the school has taken more and more precautious as this virus gets worse, including moving to all cyber instruction the week after Thanksgiving. 

On November 13, Superintendent, Richard Scaletta, sent a call home to parents. Within this call was disclosed information about the rising number of cases the school has. Scaletta also explained that there will be a change to the guidelines regarding when you should stay home. Now, if anyone in a family needs to be tested, not only do they need to quarantine for two weeks but so does everyone else in the household. Of course, Scaletta, along with most GM staff, heavily encourages social distancing, proper mask usage, and constant sanitation to ensure you are keeping yourself and others safe. 

As of November 12, COVID cases have been rising higher every day in Erie County and are currently at 4,488 confirmed cases. With the cases growing again, many worry that businesses will be shutdown until significant positive progress is shown. Many medical professionals in the area are also pleading that people to continue to social distance and to take as many precautions as possible especially throughout the holiday season.