Election Rewind



The Electoral Map

Aiden Dougan, Reporter

Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The most important day of this year. Why may you ask? It is was the Election Day, viewed by many as arguably the most important one in American History. The 2020 presidential election was much different than the previous election just four years ago when Donald J. Trump won the presidency by obtaining more electoral college votes than Hillary Clinton.

This year’s election battle was between Republican President Donald J. Trump and Democratic nominee former Vice President Joseph R. Biden. Trump was hoping to win against a democratic nominee for the second time securing four more years in office. On midnight November 3, that seemed to be what was going to happen.

In fact early on November 4, Donald Trump released a statement declaring his victory over Joe Biden. He and his team believed they had already won this election. At the time he was winning 35 of the 50 states by, what seemed to be, a large margin. Trump seemed to forget however, that the election was not over.  Due to Covid-19 safety precautions many citizens opted to vote by mail in this election and in many states regulations forbid the counting of these mail in ballots until election day. When Trump declared victory, there was still hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots to be counted across the nation.

By 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday two of the three most contentious states had flipped, but not in favor of the current president. Democratic nominee Biden managed to flip both Michigan and Wisconsin back to blue. This gave Biden an advantage. He was winning the Electoral College Tuesday night 131 to 97. Overnight both candidates totals grew, and Joe Biden remained in the lead, but not by much. 224 to 213 was the vote total. 270 is required to win the presidential election. Joe Biden’s lead grew 3 votes as he won three of the four electoral college votes from Maine. The count was then 227 to 214, going in Joe Biden’s favor. 

Around 11:30 a.m., all networks announced that Joe Biden had won Wisconsin. That adds to his lead by 10. That’s when everything seemed to crash down for President Donald Trump.

Wisconsin was one of three states later to be dubbed the “blue wave.”  Four years earlier when Donald Trump surprisingly won the three states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, the three were dubbed the “red wave.” This was a huge shock in the previous election, and people believed that whoever won these three states would win the election. It is a combined 46 electoral college votes after all. 

Donald Trump issued a statement saying that the mail-in ballots were fake, they were throwing away ballots in his favor, and this system was rigged. At 4:17 p.m., All networks announced that Joe Biden had just won the state of Michigan officially. Growing his lead 16 Electoral College votes, 253 to 214. This is the turning point in this election. 

The most significant blows to Trump came on Thursday and Friday.  Biden had flipped the very red state of Georgia and our home state of Pennsylvania. This was huge. This election is over if Joe Biden wins Pennsylvania because it’ll put him over 270. If Joe wins Georgia, that could mean a possible tie if Donald Trump pulled the upset of a lifetime. Joe Biden had 6 possible ways to win the election going into Friday afternoon. Donald Trump had only one. He had to win Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Alaska, and Georgia. However, this would be a distant dream for the president.

After what had seemed to be a lifetime, we finally heard news. On Saturday, November 7, at 12:12 pm, it was announced that Joe Biden had won the election after winning Pennsylvania. Not only is Joe Biden going to make history when he is sworn in as the oldest president to be inaugurated on January 20, 2021. His running mate, former Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris will not only become the first women to serve as Vice-President, she will be the first woman in office of African American and Indian descent. 

Donald Trump has yet to concede loss to Joe Biden.  Instead he announced that he will be taking the results to court because he believes there was fraud behind the states he lost in.  His efforts proved to be futile as no evidence of voter fraud was uncovered.  ON November 24 Pennsylvania certified their election results making it official that Biden was the winner.  

It was certainly a historic election.  Assuming that all goes to plan, we will see President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris be sworn into office on January 20, 2021.