Teachers Are Instructing Online


Kylie Roney, Reporter

     “Having all the materials available for access at any time while also giving kids the convenience at letting them work at their own pace is great!” stated high school language arts teacher, Melanie Mischler. 

    Last March, were struck with a global pandemic making schools, restaurants, and stores everywhere close down for a three month period. Many people were affected by Covid-19, and teachers, specifically, were forced to adapt to online teaching without any warning.

     Teachers are still adjusting while everyone is settled into the hybrid, online-in person school year. “I’m still adjusting but it did take me a couple weeks to get into the rhythm of it, although fall is definitely looking a lot better than last spring” states Mischler.

     Students believe that teachers have it hard as well with adapting and staying motivated to teach in the comfort of their homes. Senior, Aydan Zboyovski states “I mean even I have trouble doing work some of the week, but I can’t imagine being a teacher trying to stay motivated to work online and at school every single day with no flexibility”. 

      Teachers are looking at both sides of the spectrum when it comes to teaching their students online. Things can become quite complicated for teachers with students that don’t attend in-person school. Mischler goes on to say, “With online school, sometimes students don’t do their work and it’s hard to connect with them, especially when they don’t respond to emails or attend team calls.” 

     Many teachers and students agree that students doing in-class work tend to be more successful because sometimes they need that extra push to do assignments. Many students lack motivation when they don’t have that push which can easily lead to bad grades. Mischler also adds, “I definitely prefer teaching students in class than online.” 

    According to utep.edu, “Online teaching provides instructors with greater flexibility to address varying learning styles and use different technology. They can teach from the comfort of their homes and do not need to be at a specific place at a specific time to teach or to interact with their students.”