The Biggest Breach of the Election

Samuel Cain

Samuel Cain, Reporter

    On January 6, 2021, the Capitol building was breached and vandalized. This was in an attempt to protest the certification of Joe Biden’s presidential victory. While some question the security of the election, President Trump’s officials have deemed that there were indeed no security breaches of any sort. Though in my opinion, this scenario should have been handled differently. We should have treated this as a domestic terrorist attack, and certainly not a rebel protest.

         This was a total breach of security and democracy. Many laptops were stolen containing classified information.  This could potentially lead to dangerous situations if the information gets into the wrong hands. This riot was clearly incited by Donald Trump. Trump gave a speech shortly before the riot started, telling his supporters to march down to Capitol Hill and stop the “stealing” of the election. Incitement of a riot is in fact illegal. That is what he did, he incited a riot that led to a national security breach, the destruction of a historical building, and the death of five people. He should be held accountable.

        Similar to what happened in Portland during the Black Lives Matter protests, tear gas should have been deployed earlier. The attack on the Capitol was treated as a peaceful protest when it clearly should not have been. Force was neither used fast enough, nor harsh enough, considering many high ranking politicians lives were at risk. We should not let criminals over rank those who run our country. If we choose to hand vaccines out and extra security out to high ranking officials, why not take action when their lives are in danger? Does it not make sense to protect our democracy at all times? 

          There were many more arrests during the Black Lives Matter protests that occurred over the year of 2020. Some ask if this was a matter of race or movement. I feel it was an act of ignorance by the president.

         Despite the events of January 6, the insurrectionists were not successful in overturning the results of our election.  Democracy prevailed and Joe Biden’s victory was certified the same day. 

            In conclusion, President Trump should be charged with inciting a riot, and those that breached the Capitol should be charged with endangerment of others through the potential spreading of the COVID virus, treason, and destruction of private property. Under no circumstance, should the president be able to incite a riot, and get away with it. This was an attack on democracy and should be viewed as one.