Battle of the Shamrocks


Katelynne Langer

McDonalds vs. Arby’s Saint Patrick’s Day Shake?

Katelynne Langer, Reporter

          It is that time of year again!

          As St. Patrick’s Day is approaching, McDonald’s and Arby’s are head to head with their festive milkshakes. 

          McDonald’s Shamrock Shake returned to the menu on February 15, 2021. This iconic shake contains vanilla soft serve blended with the Shamrock Shake syrup. It is topped off with whipped cream.

          Arby’s Mint Chocolate Shake consists of a vanilla shake with mint chocolate syrup. It is topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and authentic pieces of the Andes candy. 

         Depending on the McDonald’s location, a Shamrock Shake costs from $2.00 up to $3.29. The prices for Arby’s shake range from $1.99 to $3.79.

          Looking at the nutritional facts, a Shamrock Shake can range from 460 to 800 calories depending on which size is purchased. At Arby’s, the Mint Chocolate Shake can contain from 660 to 1,130 calories.

          Based on this information, sophomores Kaden Wright and Aubrey Garrison like the Shamrock Shake better than Arby’s shake, but sophomores Aiden Dougan and Talon Frick both disagreed with their decision.

          “I like Arby’s more for two reasons,” said Dougan. “I like the chocolate added into it, and Arby’s tastes like a real milkshake. Not something made from powder.”

          So…which shake do you like better?