Effects Of The Schedule Changes Upon Students


Isebella Alvarado

The picture is a drawing of a student wearing a mask and feeling somewhat depressed or gloomy.

Isebella Alvarado, Reporter

Through 2020 to 2021 schools have been changing to adapt to this pandemic crisis by changing the school’s schedule and these changes have shown many downfalls in students’ mental states. Students also express how the new schedules have challenged them and how it has affected them in both positive and negative ways.

Covid-19 has been harsh on everybody, but it’s been especially hard on students the past year or two because students don’t even have a stable future set in stone yet. At the GMHS, kids have started doing cyber on Mondays and have alternating half days from afternoon to morning or morning to afternoon. How have these changes affected students? Some students have had negative effects on their mental health, but there are some positive effects of this new system too. Out of all the high school students, freshmen have had it the worst due to difficulties transitioning to the new schedule and due to the fact that they’ve never had the chance to experience a normal high school schedule beforehand.

Freshman Hayley Connor has expressed that ever since the lockdown and transition to a hybrid schedule, she’s gotten depressed and she wouldn’t eat or drink for a couple days. According to Connor, “One thing I dislike about this system is not going to school every day. I wish we could go every day.” Connor thinks that we should go to school every day meaning that she thinks we should go on Mondays and we should attend all classes during the school day as before. There have been students who think the same and have become depressed because they couldn’t see their friends or relatives that live farther away.

Connor has shown some of the negative effects of this schedule, but what about the positive effects? One thing is that the new schedule allows students to work at their own pace and at their own time as long as there is communication between teachers and students for getting assignments in.

One student who thinks the same is freshman Kim Jackson who also attends a hybrid schedule. According to Jackson,”My school schedule changed because I now don’t go to school in person on Monday and I only go to school a couple hours now. What I do like about this system is that I do school on my own time for classes I have cyber that day.”

Kim Jackson thinks a bit differently on the topic than Connor, but it seems like most students miss the original schedule. Is this schedule as efficient as the original? At the moment it seems like there are many flaws, but some perks too. GM is also working to improve the efficiency of this system and they’re always working to help the students like many other schools.

There have been many changes to the original schedule. Jackson says,”What I dislike about the system is that I can easily mess up my sleep schedule. What I wish could be changed is that it isn’t morning, afternoon, morning, afternoon because that can get confusing.” Jackson thinks that the new schedule is a bit confusing sometimes because of the alternating school hours. Due to this new schedule Jackson also experiences times where he or she sleeps in. This is a common problem found within the students schedule.Although, some students skip school and do cyber for the day in order to sleep in, but some have gone fully cyber for various reasons.

Connor had said before time,”One thing I like about this system is meeting new friends.” It’s good to make more friends, but only for people who can make friends easily due to being social. Some students have a hard time doing this and have been becoming depressed because of the fact that most of his or her friends are cyber. This schedule has forced some students to make new friends, but has also forced students into becoming less social and have had these opposite effects compared to other students.

 There has been many studies on students’ mental health due to the sudden changes in schedules and the Covid-19 outbreak. The results help to bring awareness of the effects due to the sudden change in schedules and the Covid-19 outbreak. 

According to the article “The impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on mental health of undergraduate students in New Jersey, cross-sectional study” by Aleksandar Kecojevic , Corey H. Basch, Marianne Sullivan, and Nicole K. Davi, “Previous studies have shown that public health emergencies have a significant impact on mental health of college students. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, a few studies have emerged describing higher levels of anxiety and increased risk perception among college students during Covid-19 pandemic.” This information tells us that, with the sudden change, this system is in need of improvement in some areas and schools need to provide more effort towards the mental health of their students. 

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden went to Fort LeBoeuf yesterday to discuss the challenges of full in person instruction. It was concluded that in PA 41% of schools are fully remote/cyber, 40% are hybrid, and 19% are full in person, but more schools are going back to the original schedule with looser adherences to CDC guidelines. At this point in time, some students are becoming depressed and there are some communication issues due to at home learning that may be affecting GM other schools. There has also been growing concerns about the effects of Covid-19 on the students regarding academics and mental health. Even so, there’s no need to fret because schools are working to improve this system and are still adjusting to the sudden change that was caused by the sudden Covid-19 outbreak.