General McLane Welcomes Matthew Lane as the School’s New Superintendent


Sarah Grabski

Dr. Matthew Lane our new Superintendent of Schools.

Adaline Yeager, Reporter

On April 14, Dr. Matthew Lane was appointed the new General McLane School District Superintendent of Schools at a limited agenda board meeting.  Lane will replace Suprintendent Richard Scaletta who is retiring after spending 41 years with the district.

Dr. Lane started the transition into his new role on May 3 and will officially join the district over the summer. During his transition he is starting conversations with administrators and teachers and “listening, asking questions and learning about things we feel we do really well and how to make them better.” His official first day will be July 1. 

There were other options around the county for superintendent jobs, but Lane decided to apply to GM. “General Mclane is known for its community, its supportive schools, the excellent teachers, and the way the community values education,” he explained.

Lane has been in education for 26 years and has been the Fairview High School principal for the past 4 years. “The job that I am coming from I really like. Loved it. Love it currently,” he stated.

Although coming into a new school can be very nerve racking, Lane feels confident and has good ideas for what the future might look like and the goals he would like to achieve for the district. He says that he wants to ensure that “all approaches are student centered,” and that, “We create student centered experiences while also preparing [students] for life after GM.” 

Leading the district with the pandemic still in full swing is not a source of worry for Lane.  “I am cautiously optimistic and think we are heading in a pretty good direction,” he stated. 

With schools and students being somewhat separated from the community for so long due to the pandemic, Lane is excited to get back to a sense of normalcy. He thinks that it is important to get back to more in person learning and student centered experiences in the upcoming year. He states “The best one-to-one device is a teacher in a classroom… iPad is just a tool to help achieve that.”

Although he will be missed at Fairview, the GM community welcomes Dr. Lane into a new chapter of General McLane’s story.