Grand Reopening of the GM Café!


Marin O’Lone, Reporter

   Do you ever forget to grab your coffee or snack in the morning? If so, the General McLane (GM) Café is the place to go!

    The café offers many nutritious and delicious items. Those include, but are not limited to high protein and fiber items, coffee, beverages, and healthy smoothies.

The Cafe staff make custom coffee orders

    Freshman, Madi Cormier, attends the café often during intercession. She notes, “The café has really good iced coffee, and everyone there works hard and does a good job.”

    The café is run by culinary arts teacher, Sarah Webb, the autistic and life skills support students, as well as students enrolled in culinary arts classes. All of the cooking and food classes have the café worked into the curriculum. All students taking these classes must work a minimum of four shifts in the café. 


Order up at the counter.

  The students are always very busy in the café, as there is much to be done. Staff members take orders, create drinks, gather supplies, keep a tidy space, and work efficiently.

    Throughout the year, the café will have certain special feature days. Last week, the café featured breakfast tacos for “Taco Tuesday.” 

    The GM Café has been run for many years, but had to close down due to the retirement of previous culinary arts teacher, Rhonda Kurczewzki, and the pandemic. The students and staff members are all very excited that it is up and running again.

    If you think you’re interested in becoming a staff member, stop by Mrs Webb in the 200 hallway to get more information! You can also collaborate with the existing staff to incorporate your ideas into the café. 

    Webb exclaims, “We have a great team and I am excited to see how far we can take it!”