A Day in the Life of a Volleyball Player, Game Day


Abby Ball, Reporter

  Ever wondered what it would be like to be a volleyball player at General McLane? Your starting setter, Jenna Kulka, gave us a glimpse of a day in her life as a GM athlete. 

     Kulka has been a setter for six years and nine seasons. She plays club volleyball to help improve her skills. There is no off-season for her. She’s been #6 her whole volleyball career. To some, a number is a favorite or lucky number, but Kulka chose it because she’s the sixth kid in her family.

     Game days for her are full and run on a schedule.“I wake up, put my clothes on, pack my bag for practice, and then I leave.” 

     Meanwhile at school she gets to attend her favorite part of the school day, lunch.“ I like lunch because I have it with my friends and I get hungry.” 

     After lunch, she finishes the school day and gets ready to go with her team. “I pickup my freshmen, go to team dinners, then I eat, and mess with the freshmen.” Good luck to the freshmen. 

     When it’s time for the game she gets ready with her signature ponytail look. When it’s game time, she gives it her all in the best of five sets. She always keeps it positive in victory and defeat. 

     Although the Lady Lancers haven’t had the best season, Kulka sees a lot in her team, “ I think if we start working as a team and some more practice we have potential.”

      Just as she has a simple morning, she has a simple night, where she shifts her focus to her academics and winding down.  “I take a shower, do my homework, then go to bed.”  

     On the team there are several other seniors including Anna Williams, Maiden Zietz, Ellen Cunningham, Ava Elmer, Brooke Simmons, and Madison Donahue. They are all excited to play their last year of volleyball with the school and each other.

   Kulka displays her dedication to her sport and teammates but also proves how simple and fun being a student athlete can be. “Volleyball is fun and I like hanging out with my team.

    Kulka asks that you come out and support the Volleyball this season, stating, “I like when people come to my games, so come to my games.”