GM Adjusting to the Full School Day


Rileigh Green, Reporter

     Last year, students in the General McLance School District had been going to school on a hybrid schedule for two hour half days, either in the morning or afternoon, but this year, they are back to in-person full eight hour days from 8 a.m. – 2:45 p.m. Many students have been adjusting differently to the “new” schedule.

     According to ninth grader, Azure Harris, she feels her schedule has changed drastically due to the eight hour day at school. Harris claims, “Yes, I do feel like my schedule has changed drastically because usually last year and in the summer, I could eat whenever I wanted, I could be on my phone whenever I wanted, but now I’ve just [have to] wait on everything, you know?”

     In contrast to what Harris said, ninth grader, Kiley Leasure, feels like her schedule did not change much. She stated, “I wouldn’t say it has changed drastically, other than having to make more time for other things outside of school.”

     Not all students are the same. When it comes to school work and homework outside of school, Harris claims, “Currently I have not been feeling overwhelmed because [teachers] haven’t really been giving us work, I mean it’s only the third week of school but they haven’t really been giving me too much, I haven’t felt too overwhelmed by that.” 

     On the other hand, Leasure states, “Yes, I do feel overwhelmed with the amount of homework I get outside of school because I have other things going on that I have to take care of and I’m always focused on getting my homework done on time so I don’t really focus on the other things I have to do.”

     When asked if they would rather go back to the half day hybrid schedule or continue with full days, both students shared the same opinion. Harris stated, “Well I would rather do half days because it’s easier and you only have to be there for half a day obviously and you can just go home… but it would be better for me to be in school for the full day.”

     In agreement, Leasure states, “I would personally want to move back to half days because it’s less stress and more time to do other things in life like hang out with friends and play sports and stuff.”

     When asked “How has the full day schedule affected you?” Both can conclude that it is tiring and that they are hungry. Harris added, “How I have been affected is I have been way more tired and I’ve been way more hungry and yeah just more tired.”

     As someone who shares the same lunch time as Harris, Leasure stated, “Having to stay up late to finish assignments and then again having to wake up early in the morning and being in school for eight hours, I get very tired and especially having last lunch, if I don’t eat a good breakfast I do get very hungry.”