Students Prepare for Homecoming


This is a picture of Marin O’Lones dress taken by her mother.

Madison Cormier, Reporter

In the past month, GMHS girls have been going all over Erie County in search of the perfect homecoming dress.

    Many students from General McLane have already purchased their homecoming dresses, but there are still some last minute stragglers. A lot of girls reported their dress came from MIllcreek Mall and Plaza. The most common stores they suggest for last minute shopping are David’s Bridal or Windsor. 

    Each of these stores carry a wide variety of dresses in different colors, lengths and styles. Most girls we talked to preferred short dresses. The upperclassmen and the court are wearing long dresses.  The average amount girls spend on their homecoming dresses ranges between $40.00-$250.00. On top of that, there is also the cost of shoes, hair, nails, flowers, and accessories.  Girls want that perfect look to make this year’s night memorable, especially after missing out on the occasion last year due to Covid restrictions.

   Freshman, Morgan Cormier, decided upon a black short dress that is filled with little pieces of glitter with a cut out back. “ I picked it out because shorter dresses with the color black and the glitter brought the dress to my attention. I just like the color black in general,” stated Cormier.

     Junior  Marin O’Lone selected a short, white dress with blue flowers and gold surrounding the edges of the flowers. “I like the color [combination of] blue and gold together,” O’Lone had said.

      Freshman, Darrah Wise, found a short red dress with an asymmetrical hemline and off the shoulder cuff sleeves. “It was originally what I was looking for and fits me perfectly,” Wise shared.   

     Sophomore, Chloe Miles, chose a short dark blue dress. The top of the dress is embellished with lace and beads while the bottom half flares out. “I picked one that I felt suited me. I love blue, and I love all of the lace bead detailing because it’s just my style,” Miles commented.

    While girls have been busy finding that perfect look, boys have had other concerns.  With a dance, comes proposals, an invitation to be someone’s plus one and homecoming and prom-posals have gotten to be very creative in recent years. 

   Freshman Josh Williams, asked freshman Kendra Kope by giving her a box of donuts with the message “Please Donut say no to homecoming” inside.  “I can’t eat donuts because I have gastroparesis, but I still said yes,” Kope confided.  

   Freshman McCall Eichner asked freshman Kaitlyn Komaromy during the football game against CASH. “I brought her a poster board… and asked her while she was cheering on the field.”  Senior cheerleader Emily Moran, who witnessed the event, described it as “really cute.” 

Sophomore Justin Burgos also used his date’s extracurricular activities as a way to ask her to homecoming.  He threw a volleyball to freshman volleyball player Pacey Moran in the hall between classes that said “I’d dig it if you went to HOCO with me.”


    With all the effort these students are putting into this year’s Homecoming dance, it is sure to be a memorable event!