Student Thoughts on Intersession


Students during an activity period Battle of the Books session.

Landon Olszewski, Reporter

What are your thoughts on Intersession? Intersession is the 28 minutes period that takes place after the second block. Each day of the week, students spend intersession with one of their four teachers to make sure the class is caught up. This idea was brought into light after last year’s hybrid schedule left many students falling behind. The period allows students to have extra time with their teachers.
Some find intersession great like eleventh grader Dylan Patterson. “It gives me more time to catch up on work in case I miss anything,” he explained.
Others like tenth grader Colin Bruce, do not find the time to be beneficial. “It doesn’t help me one bit. I’d rather do something else that would benefit me more.”
Student opinions may be mixed on intersession, but most people agree that they enjoy the activity period that takes place during intersession each Wednesday. During activity period, every teacher has an activity to offer. These activities include things like board games, homework help, basketball, and meditation as well as club meetings for groups like Student council. Mr Wheeler even has a mountain bike club that rides in the woods behind the school.
Ninth grader Aidan Price says, “We definitely should have an activity period more than once a week….I just want the activity period every day.”
Price is not the only person who thought this. Many said they enjoy finding new activities and like to experience new things. Bruce agreed saying, “I enjoy activity period and getting to see new faces after no interaction last year.”
Other students just wish we could go back to the old pre-pandemic schedule. Twelfth grader Hayden Benoit shared his thoughts stating, “After three years of highschool onto my fourth it’s been so much better without intersession. It feels like extra forced class time.”
Eleventh grader Dalton Patterson also voiced his opinion. “I don’t know what to think about it, but I’d rather just have a longer class period. [We have] too much moving around with mentorship and all that.”
So what are your thoughts on intersession? Would you like to keep it or get rid of it? If you’re an older student would you just rather revert back to the old schedule? Give us your opinion on our website