Clash of Classes

Hayden Benoit, Reporter

     Which class will the Lancer Cup belong to come June of 2022? 

     This year, GMHS is trying something a little bit different to encourage school spirit.  They are putting all of the separate classes head-to-head for a year-long competition to see which class has the most school spirit. 

     The idea came from teachers at General MclLane  after they heard about similar competitions at other schools and thought it would be a great idea for our students.  

    To earn points for your class, you must participate in the weekly school “Red Out” every Friday and scan the QR code in your mentorship. Students can also help their class win by showing up to support our athletic teams or other school events and again scanning the QR code at the game or event. 

    “This [competition] is giving kids within General McLane High School a completely different opportunity to be able to look forward to coming to school and dressing up for school. The point is to bring excitement back into our learning environment after the crazy past year we’ve had,” explained Mr. Knight on why the competition was taking place.  

    The class that pulls off the most spirit points will be awarded the Lancer Cup at the end of the school year. As of right now, the junior class is in the lead. Classes have already received incentives to participate such as donut parties during Mentorship.  

    With lots of time to spare, make sure you wear red to school on Fridays and support our school initiatives as much as possible in order to claim the cup.