A Homecoming Come Back!


Ossian Glenn

The 2021 Homecoming Court

Bella Fromknecht, Journalist

   It’s that special time of year again! General McLane is excited to present their annual homecoming dance on October 2.

     The entirety of GM were disappointed in the lack of high school dances due to a rise of COVID cases in 2020. Although there was still a homecoming court, no dance could be administered while guaranteeing the safety of students at the same time. However, this year that all changes. GM plans to bring back the famous high school tradition for the “Under The October Sky” themed dance!

     Homecoming is a time where the school celebrates and welcomes back the  school’s alumni while also celebrating the school’s current students. The event is very special and memorable for many high school students. The music, lights, and dancing is all something to look forward to this weekend. The anticipated date will also follow with the traditional pep rally, homecoming football game, dance, and parade; a new beginning for last year’s cancellation.

     Due to the risks of the virus, this year’s homecoming will be structured differently. The dance will be strictly outside since no masks will be permitted, and it will be laid out on the football field. The event will be semi formal, so dresses, dress shirts, and dress pants are all acceptable. The dress code will also not permit stiletto heels because of the tears that could be caused in the turf of the field.

     Students at GM have high spirits for this year’s dance and are happy to attend.  Junior  Frank Turzak, says, “I feel like we needed another homecoming just to make up for the one we missed out on last year. I think it’s important just for the social aspect of it.”

     Teacher Charles Haise agrees. “Homecoming is important because we all need something to look forward to,” he commented. 

      Sophomores around the school are especially excited for this year’s dance because it will be the first homecoming that they will ever attend due to the cancellation of the event their freshman year. Sophomore Samantha Fellows explains, “It was disappointing that the class of 2024 never got to experience our freshman homecoming, so I’m glad that we will be able to have one this year.” 

     Although we are all excited about homecoming, it is also important to be safe. Remember to be smart about the virus and take precaution.