Soccer Seniors Honored


Riley D Vogt, Reporter

On Saturday, October 2, the senior members of the boys soccer team will be honored during their game.
This year’s team has eight current seniors. They are Spencer Green, Wesley Hakanen, Luke Jakubowski, Roy King, Owen Larman, Isaac Mroz, Danny Mulligan, and Zach Roland. During the game each senior will be introduced on the loudspeaker and will walk on the field with their parents.
Wesley Hakanen is one of the team’s captains and has been playing high school soccer for the four years that he’s been in high school. Regarding the game, Hakanen stated, “I’m pretty excited for senior night. I think it’s going to be fun.” He continued, “I think all the seniors coordinated a few of the questions to be all the same [during our introductions] so I think it’s going to be a funny outcome. I also hope we will win.”
Hakanen plays center back on the team. Of being a senior captain of the team, he states, “It feels pretty good, pretty rewarding waiting four years to be able to play all the time. My junior year I was able to start varsity too but the pressure wasn’t always there for me because I always thought I have another year. This year now, it feels that the pressure is here and makes me want to prove myself and succeed.”
Hakanen has been feeling the pressure and trying to do his best all year. He is ready to win the senior night game versus Meadville this weekend then walk back out on the field to enjoy the homecoming dance with his teammates.