Lancer Licks

Gus Guzik, Reporter


   Social media seems to have a big influence on human minds. Social media influences fashion, ideas, and even actions of people and especially teenagers. When has it gone too far is the question though. Is there a limit to what social media can influence kids to do?

     Tik Tok. Have you heard of it? It is a social media platform used to make a variety of short-form videos, from genres like dance, comedy, and education, that have a duration from fifteen seconds to three minutes. 

     Although it is not supposed to be used for the influence of theft and destruction of school property.

     I think you know where I am going with this…“Devious Licks.” A devious lick is simply theft but mostly relating to theft of school property. This issue is occurring at schools pretty much all over the country and has slightly affected our school.

     There have been many different acts of theft and vandalism all over different schools: soap dispensers, plaques, lunch trays and even projectors have been taken. GMHS has not been immune to this trend, as many thefts and pranks occurring at the school have been posted on social media.  The student body seems to think that these acts of theft and vandalism are acts of comedy and not all that serious. Most kids just take the occurring events as a joke and laugh at the immaturity of the students committing the “licks” 

     An anonymous student at General McLane had to serve time in detention for what he did. “ I attempted to snag a trophy out of the case by the gym because I thought it was funny and wanted to make people laugh.” 

     The student proceeded to be a part of the trend and post his actions on TikTok where he later got caught. 

     Freshman Josh Williams, provided insight into why students are taking part in this trend.  “I think kids do it because it’s funny,” he commented.  Williams also reported that he heard a fish was stolen from one of the tanks in a science classroom.  

     Administrators and teachers are aware that these ‘licks” are occurring and do not find them to be a laughing matter. “I’ve heard about the TikTok trend, we’re just trying to monitor it as much as we can… I haven’t noticed it happening much here at GM,” stated principal Dan Mennow.  “I think GM kids are better than that,” he stated.

     Although it hasn’t affected our schools in the district much, many other schools have had to go to the extent of closing down bathrooms because of the outbreak of vandalism and theft of soap dispensers. 

     Students caught committing these offenses will not only serve detentions but can also have criminal charges added on. All in all, some social media trends go too far with“devious licks” being a good example of this.  Some TikTok trends are fun and games and some are felonies.