Do you know who you’re voting for, or are you Trumped?

Hillary Clinton

Most students at GMHS won’t be able to vote in the 2016 presidential election campaign, but by the time the 2020 election rolls around, all current GMHS students will be eligible to vote. This brings up the question: what do we know about the people whom we want to represent our country?
The president is a representation of America as a whole. For example, when some people think of Russia, they think of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s presidentㄧand is it not true that we see most Russians reflected in Putin’s cold, reserved image? We know, of course, that not all Russians are like Putin. But when speaking politically, however, it is truthful to say that the sum of a nation is more than its parts, which is why we need a good leader to represent us all (and in a positive way).
But before we elect a sound leader, we need to know their background information, their credibility, what their presidential goals are, and how they plan to attain those goals.
Good newsㄧ here are some of the most basic facts you need to know about some of the most popular 2016 candidates.
Some Notable 2016 Presidential Candidates are:

Hillary Clinton

*Age: 67
*Party: Democratic
*Actual occupation: United States Secretary of State
*Some presidential goals:
-close the pay-gender gap
-raise the taxes of higher-income families
-acquire mandatory body cameras for police
-make college more affordable
*Stance on controversial issues
-Gun control? Supports gun restrictions
-Same-sex marriage? Supports
-Abortion? Pro-choice
-Death penalty? Opposes
-Immigration? Supports full citizenship of U.S illegal immigrants

Carly Fiorina

*Age: 61
*Party: Republican
*Actual occupation: Politician, former CEO of HP
*Some presidential goals:
-cut pay of federal workers
-simplify the tax code
*Stance on controversial issues
-Gun control? Supports Second Amendment rights
-Same-sex marriage? Personally believes in traditional marriage but claims to not support a ban on gay marriage
-Abortion? Supports an abortion ban after 20 weeks
-Death penalty? Supports
-Immigration? Believes immigration reform should be passed in a series of bills; does not support comprehensive reform

Donald Trump

*Age: 69

*Actual occupation: Real-estate developer

*Presidential goals:
-rebuild America’s infrastructure
-end Common Core education standards
-take on ISIS
*Stance on controversial issues
-Gun control? Generally opposes gun control but supports the ban on assault weapons
-Same-sex marriage?
-Abortion? Trump’s views on abortion rights have proved to inconsistent over the years, but currently he claims to be pro-life
-Death penalty? Strongly supports death penalty
-Immigration? Advocates building a wall along the Mexican border to keep immigrants out

Bernie Sanders

*Age: 74
*Party: Democratic
*Actual occupation: Junior United States Senator from Vermont
*Some presidential goals:
-raise minimum wage to $15/hour
-free college education
-close the gender pay gap
-paid sick leave, guaranteed vacation for all workers
*Stance on controversial issues
-Gun control? Supports the ban on guns
-Same-sex marriage? Believes all couples have the right to be married
-Abortion? Against
-Death penalty? Does not support death penalty; opts for life of imprisonment
-Immigration? Does not want to deport immigrants; opposes the building of a border fence

Martin O’Malley
*Age: 52
*Party: Democratic
*Actual Occupation: Politician (former governor of Maryland)
*Some presidential goals:
-fully employ American veterans
-freeze tuition rates at public colleges
-raise minimum wage to $15/hour
-cut the American poverty rate in half in ten years
*Stance on controversial issues
-Gun control? Supports the ban on guns
-Same-sex marriage? Supports LGBT civil rights bill
-Abortion? Pro-choice
-Death penalty? Against
-Immigration? Supports immigration reform

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Ben Carson
*Age: 63
*Party: Republican
*Actual occupation: Pediatric neurosurgeon
*Some presidential goals:
-balance the budget
-eliminate Common Core education standards
-replace Obamacare with HSAs (Health Savings Accounts)
*Stance on controversial issues
-Gun control? Fully supports Second Amendment with the exception of semi-automatic weapons: proposes they should not be allowed in cities
-Same-sex marriage? Disagrees with gay marriage but supports same-sex civil unions
-Abortion? Claims to be pro-life despite previously referring women to doctors who give abortions earlier in his career
-Death penalty? ~Carson has not revealed any opinion on this particular issue
-Immigration? Secure the borders, don’t give people incentive to come to America (by giving them benefits, etc), and give currently American-residing illegal immigrants a six month period to register to become guest workers