Luzier Takes the Field

Katie Browning and Nate Renick

    A girl on the General McLane varsity football team? Unheard of, until now.

  Senior Brittany Luzier is making history by becoming the first girl to play on the General McLane varsity football team. “Brittany is the reserve kicker and when the situation presents itself, she will get the opportunity to play,” Coach Wells stated during a recent interview.

  That opportunity came last Saturday at Veterans Stadium, when Luzier was called upon to kick an extra point against East in the third quarter.  Her first attempt was unsuccessful, but luckily she had a second chance in the fourth quarter. The crowd erupted as she connected on an extra point attempt, becoming the first female to score a point in Lancer football history.

  “Taking the field for the first time was one of the most nerve-wracking things that I have done in my life.  I don’t think I would have kept my head on straight if it wasn’t for my team.  They really pushed me through my nerves and told me I was going to be okay even after I missed my first extra-point kick. Going in for the second kick I was extremely nervous.  I just tried to clear my head.  Right before that Kyle [Sult], who is the ball holder, said I was going to be fine and I just went for it.  It was absolutely perfect.”

Luzier is receiving a lot of publicity for her role on the team.  Luzier will be featured along with two other female football players from Corry and Oil City on the cover of an upcoming edition of the Erie Times.  “It’s crazy how people are giving this so much attention. I have been an athlete my whole life.  To me it is just another sport.”

Aside from publicity, Coach Wells commented that Brittany brings heart and character to the team. “She fits in well because she has an outstanding attitude just like the rest of the team.”

Luzier has received a lot of support for her role on the team.  “My family has been awesome through this. My dad was skeptical and worried about me joining at first, but knows I am a tough girl. He loves supporting me and coming to my different events.”

Not everyone has accepted having a female on the football team, though. There were mixed feelings amongst some players, but Luzier takes it all in stride.  “I think with anything you do you’re going to have that. You are going to have people telling you, ‘oh you shouldn’t do that.’  You are going to have people not supporting you through a whole lot of things through life… but I respect their opinion on that, they are allowed to have their own opinion.”

Many wonder what motivated Luzier to join the football team.  She discovered her talent for kicking in gym class.  The rest of the class joked that because she was so good, she should play on the football team.  She turned decided to turn that joke into a reality. “I like to do things I’m scared or nervous of.  I believe you should face your fears.”

Many students are also curious if she has her own locker room. Luzier addresses this, stating that before away games she puts her pants on before she gets on the bus. For home games, she just puts them on in the bathroom.

Luzier plans to to joins the Marines when she graduates, but for now she is excited for the rest of football season and hopes to get more playing time if called upon.  “I’m looking forward to watching my teammates excel this season and really live by our motto, ‘Be Willing.’ The amount of passion my teammates have is insane and I know it will be a good season.”

The Lancers will be back in action on Friday for the Homecoming game against Oil City.  Come out and support Luzier and the General McLane football team as she continues to make GMHS history.