2018-2019 Staff

Kya Alvarado


I am an artist on deviantart, posting half of all my work. I sell the art whether it’s traditional or digital art. I also have a YouTube for it. I am always texting in role plays and trying to be friendly, but I’m super stres...



Hi my name is Hayden Benoit. I am on the junior varsity football team and I wrestle.

Chad Hoehn


Hi my name is Chad . I like to hunt and fish. My goal is to make it day by day.

Hannah Wolfe


Hey, My name is Hannah. I do competitive cheer and I play volleyball. I’m very excited to be in newspaper and write about the latest tea

Harley Welch


Hi my name is Harley and I’m a senior at General McLane. I work at Texas Roadhouse and enjoy shopping and spending time with Dre ❤️

Abigail Romba


Hello, My name is Abigail. I am a Freshman here at General Mclane High School. I do High School Cheer and love to travel and explore new things.

Emily nelson


Hi I’m Emily. I like to play sports and eat junk food.  I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family. Hope you like my articles!

Bella Jackson


Hi I am Bella. I was a varsity cheerleader for basketball. I am on the newspaper editorial board. I also love to dance! I am excited to be in the class to write about some of the latest news!

Payton Massey


Hi I am Payton! I play soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. I enjoy playing with my dog and hanging out with friends and family. I am excited to be a part of the newspaper, and I can’t wait to start writing.

Alyvia Carmosino


I am a cheerleader and a dancer. I am also on General McLane link crew. I am also part of the theater program at General McLane.

Makenzie Goss


I enjoy to dance and I play lacrosse for Fairview. In my free time I like to watch Netflix, playing with my dog, and going outside. I’m glad to be apart of the Lancer Ledger to bake cookies and make articles about interesting...

Peyton Scheuer


Hi, i’m Peyton. i love to dance & i love my dog. Im thrilled to be in Lancer Ledger this year!

Macy Enterline


Hi, I’m Macy. I like to paint, cook and hunt. I like to hang it with my friends in my free time. I am excited to be part of Lancer Ledger this year!

Aralyn lewin


Hi my name is Aralyn I like to swim, cook, volunteer. I have two siblings and I really love corgis.

Ainsley Ames


I love music, makeup and kittens. All good energy. I am a professional tv show binge watcher. I’m going to school for esthetics.



Hi I’m Zack and I’m a future Navy sailor and a hard worker.

Kendra Trezona


Hi! I play lacrosse. I am involved in student council, caring club, Envirothon, model UN, and yearbook. I'm looking forward to writing articles.

Lexi Langer


Hi, I’m Lexi and my three favorite things are dance, doing makeup, and eating cheese pizza rolls. I’m five feet tall, and I can easily kick my leg behind my shoulder. I am excited to be a part of the Lancer Ledger because...



Story time: Take newspaper writed articles and selled cookies!!! Fun had!

Andrew Brest


I’m a senior at General McLane High School. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with family friends. I’m excited to be apart of the 2018-2019 Lancer Ledger Newspaper Team.

Aaliyah Burgos


Hi, I’m Aaliyah I like to dance and I’m part of the marching band. In my free time I like to watch Netflix and eat pepperoni pizza rolls. I’m excited to be a part of the Lander Ledger because I like selling cookies.

Madison McLaughlin


Hey, I enjoy writing and skiing in my free time.  I joined newspaper for more experience writing in a more public place.

Grace Arthur


Hi my name is Grace, I’m a senior. I mainly devote my time to caring for my animals, riding horses, and taking karate. I am excited to be a part of this team and start writing articles!

Derek Fay


Hello all, I am Derek Fay. I am a Senior at General McLane High School. I play baseball and I am part of the GM Caring Club. I help my  grandfather on my free time on his farm. I have written some articles  for the school paper...



Hi, I’m Maegan! I am involved in Cheerleading and Dance and I also love to read so I am in Battle of the Books. One day I hope to be a Flight Nurse and live near a beach. I’m excited to be in Newspaper this quarter!

Christopher Nobles


Wassah, this is Chris. Joined the newspaper staff for clout and I’m ready to drop some bangers in the paper.

Ashley Burhenn


I’m Ashley. I like to play soccer and run track. I also like to ski

Billy Jukes


Hi I’m Bill. I play football and basketball. I love skateboarding, it’s my passion. I’m already a professional. I make big bank.

Emily Moran


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I’m Kylie Roney. I’m pretty cool. I believe that I’m a good writer, and I can achieve a lot in newspaper. I hope to become better so it can improve writing in English and just life in general.

Liam Mercurio


Hello, my name is Liam Mercurio. I enjoy watching sports and listening to music, I also enjoy watching football.

Rachel Lesko


Howdy, i’m Rachel! I like drinkin’ sweet tea and pettin’ dogs. I also enjoy watching the sun set and writing poetry. I waste my life away at school and cry in my free time.

Khadija Mganga


Hi, my name is Khadija Mganga. I didn’t really do much with my summer but work. I have been working at Popeye's since the first day it opened. This year summer went by really fast for me. I just want to get the school year over...

Seth Myers


Hi my name is Seth Myers. I play basketball and enjoy hanging out with family and friends.

Sam Herberg


Hi, my names Sam. I enjoy playing sports and hanging with my friends and family.



Hi my name is Gus and I like to send it, you know shred the gnar. I think news paper will be pretty gnarly you know lets give it a full send bruh.



My name is Sarah Banta I’m 15 years old and I’m a freshmen, on my free time I like to play softball, hangout with my friends, and spend time with my family. I have three brothers and a sister also I have three nieces and one...

Helena Fahey


I am a senior who enjoys writing and all things art. I’m excited to further my writing skills and discover if I’ll love journalism or not.

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