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My name is Grace Honeycutt and I like to sing, dance, act, cook, watch movies, read, and write. I am involved in Broadway Dinner, Musicals, Battle of the Books, writing club, and Mandarin club. I am the oldest of 4 siblings and...

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Hi I’m Kim, I’m a foreign exchange student from Western Australia. I love pizza, movies and American snacks. Yes, I like vegemite. Yes, we have kangaroos just hoppin' around.

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Emily Blount

Editorial Board

I’m Emily and I’m a junior. I enjoy ice cream and baseball. Cats are my favorite animal.

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Hanna Kirik


Hi. I’m Hanna. I’m a junior, class of 2019. I’m perpetually exhausted.

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Faith Morrow


Hey I’m Faith: a sophomore active in the arts. I participate in vocal jazz and musicals like The Little Mermaid. I love Charlie’s Pub spaghetti, reading meaningful books, and doing yoga.

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Eli Buto


Hello! My name is Eli. I like playing baseball and watching baseball. Along with playing and watching baseball, I enjoy going to different sporting events including football and basketball games.

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Adam Conn


Hello, I’m Adam. I play basketball and football for GM. I enjoy playing Fortnite with the boys. SAFTB.

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Megan Mikesell


I'm Megan. I like drawing, being myself,  and am fun to be with. I’m a happy person.😁

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Taylor Church


Hi, I'm Taylor. I like to play soccer, Unified Track, I am a wrestling manager, and I like to hangout with my friends.  I live in McKean PA.

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Aaron Wagner


Hi, I'm Wags! I am very busy at GM!  I participate in Football, Basketball, Unified Track, Newspaper, Yearbook, and was even the 2017 Homecoming King! Outside of school, I like spending time with my friends, girlfriend, helping...

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Halle Minner


Hello, my name is Halle! In my spare time, I love writing, reading, drawing, and playing with animals. My favorite subjects are science and English, and I’m currently in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science. I want to...

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Kayla Rautine


Hey I’m Kayla. Im a senior.My life basically consists of photography, Unified Track, organizing everything, Penguins , and friends.

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Luke Edmondos

Señor Editor

Producer, mother of 4. I work with E12 and DONNIE Productions. S/O to my boys #TheGOATChat2017

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Natalie Senyo


My name is Natalie. I just moved here from the hick school of Northwestern. I like to write, my favorite artist is Shawn Mendes. I do gymnastics and used to do dance. My goal is to become a surgeon.

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I'm Matt.  I like to play baseball and fish.  School is fun.

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Jasdeep Kaur


I’m Jasdeep Kaur. I’m in 9th grade, and I love listening to music. I also enjoy hot drinks, and Netflix. My goal is to become a surgeon.

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Patrick Angelo


My name is Patrick. I live in Edinboro, PA and I like to play soccer. I wrestle.

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Hi, I'm Dana! I love my kitties, chocolate, and fuzzy blankets. My goal in life is to be a journalist/lawyer/traveler/Spanish speaker etc. I'm very excited to see how far these articles can go!

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Maddy Bruce


I'm Maddy, and I'm a senior. This is my third year on the newspaper. Along with writing for the Lancer Ledger, I also write for an online magazine called Affinity Magazine. I enjoy reading, feminist rants, and cats. I also play...

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Lexi Langer


I’m Lexi and I’m 5 feet tall. I’m a competitive dancer, which means I am always dancing no matter where I am. I’m also in color guard, and I’m going to join the FBLA. I enjoy the many short jokes I get from everyone,...

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Grace Arthur


Hi my name is Grace. I just moved here a couple months ago from San Antonio Texas. I horseback ride and I play basketball. I love animals, especially my dogs Duke and Duncan, my cats Olive and Jackie, and my horses Beau and Bucks...

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Hannah Shrader

Editor/ Reporter

Hey!! I'm Hannah Shrader, or Shredder, it's whatever. I am a senior and this is my 3rd year on the editorial board. I love skiing, dancing, color guard/winter guard, and binge watching Netflix. Winona Ryder is my spirit animal.

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Brennon Songer


Hi, my name is Brennon.  I like to play soccer and hang out with my buddies. I'm 5'10, I weigh 150, and I have a torn PCL.  I live in Edinboro, PA.  I have a St. Bernard named Nina and I like sweet tea.

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Hannah Wyman

Editor In Chief

I'm Hannah and I'm a senior. I enjoy traveling, the Gilmore Girls, puns, Leslie Knope, the Beatles, good coffee, Michelle Kwan, feminist rants, and that crunchy sound leaves make when you step on them in the fall. Besides newspaper,...

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hellooo!😁 i hope your day is fantastic! so you stumbled upon my profile, hi again! i'm going to write a little for the GM newspaper YAY🌱

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Hi y'all. It's Ellen, my life consists of photography, swimming, water polo, and trying to live life to the fullest.

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Elliott Grucza


Hi, my name is Elliott Grucza. I'm a sophomore and was on the golf team last year. I'm the cartoonist for this website, I was born in San Diego, California, then I moved to Erie in 2013. My interests include; Golfing, and watching...

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Haley Bloomquist


Hi! I'm Haley and I play soccer, softball and I ski.

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Jaymie Kavelish


Hi! I'm Jaymie and I'm a junior here at GMHS. I love to play soccer and I enjoy watching movies. I love dogs a lot, and I'm excited for Newspaper class this year!

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Nice to meet you! I'm Aliza. Things about me: I lived in California for six years and my dad was in the military for 29 years. So we moved a lot, that's for sure. And I've been to 8 different schools. 6 in California and I've...

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Ben Hodapp


Hello! My name is Ben Hodapp. I like video games, and I report for the newspaper.

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Isaac Kennedy


Hi, I'm Isaac. I play baseball through the school and I also run our school radio. Out of school I like to go hunting. I am looking forward to have Newspaper class because it will help me be a better writer.

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Becca Kerr


Heyo, I'm becca. I'm involved in the music department here at GM and I'm in love with Spanish, but don't worry my English is pretty spot on.

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Sarah Molnar

Emotional Support

I take selfies with my chihuahua. My Egg, Inc. is better than yours?

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Grace Twitchell


I'm the physics girl. Leggings are life. Do you want to see a picture of my dog?

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McKenah Bryson


안녕하세요!  My name is McKenah Bryson, and I'm a junior at GMHS this year. I'm involved with Model UN, Link Crew, the Caring Club, and of course, the Lancer Ledger Editorial Board! Outside of school I study Korean, and...

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Akayla Lewin

Editorial Board

Hi there! I'm Akayla lewin and I'm currently in my junior year of high school and in my second year on the editorial board?. I'm a fan of turtles?, everything pumpkin, Autumn? Gilmore girls, Christmas lights?, books?, coffee☕️,...

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Haley Carter

Editorial Board

Hola! My name is Haley. I am a junior and this is my first year doing newspaper. I enjoy watching  Netflix a lot, fall, coffee, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, softball, being with family, good smelling candles, and shopping. I pla...

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Abby Parker

Professional Animal Enthusiast

Aloha! I'm Abby, and I'm a junior. I enjoy traveling, Seinfeld, words, the Beatles, filtered water, Bernie Sanders, feminist rants, being original, and the pattering sound that rain makes when it hits your roof in the summer....

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Hi, I'm Jocie! Here at GM I participate in Unified Track. Last year we made it to states and I hope to repeat this year! Outside of school I enjoy ice skating, volleyball, swimming, and basketball. I am excited to be a part of...

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