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2018-2019 Staff



I’m Marisa. I enjoy adventuring, especially at night. When I graduate high school I plan on traveling the world, well at least most of the world. I also plan on going to a trade school after high school for interior design,...

Ashley Burhenn


I’m Ashley. I like to play soccer and run track. I also like to ski

Billy Jukes


Hi I’m Bill. I play football and basketball. I love skateboarding, it’s my passion. I’m already a professional. I make big bank.

Emily Moran


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I’m Kylie Roney. I’m pretty cool. I believe that I’m a good writer, and I can achieve a lot in newspaper. I hope to become better so it can improve writing in English and just life in general.

Hunter Walter


Hi my name is Hunter Walter. I like playing Fortnite and watch Netflix. My favorite sport is football.

Liam Mercurio


Hello, my name is Liam Mercurio. I enjoy watching sports and listening to music, I also enjoy watching football.

Rachel Lesko


Howdy, i’m Rachel! I like drinkin’ sweet tea and pettin’ dogs. I also enjoy watching the sun set and writing poetry. I waste my life away at school and cry in my free time.

Khadija Mganga


Hi, my name is Khadija Mganga. I didn’t really do much with my summer but work. I have been working at Popeye's since the first day it opened. This year summer went by really fast for me. I just want to get the school year over...

Kya Alvarado


I am an artist on deviantart, posting half of all my work. I sell the art whether it’s traditional or digital art. I also have a YouTube for it. I am always texting in role plays and trying to be friendly, but I’m super stres...

Seth Myers


Hi my name is Seth Myers. I play basketball and enjoy hanging out with family and friends.

Sam Herberg


Hi, my names Sam. I enjoy playing sports and hanging with my friends and family.



Hi my name is Hayden Benoit. I am on the junior varsity football team and I wrestle.

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