2019-2020 Staff

Ryan Harvey


Hi I’m Ryan harvey. I participate in the Spanish club along with football, basketball and track and field

Aurora Odell


I am a junior at General Mclane High School, I am secretary of the Lancer Ledger Editorial Board. I enjoy writing, reading, and playing soccer.

Libby Shadeck


Hi I’m Libby Shadeck. I’ve been class president for the past two years, I’m involved in Student Council, Spanish Club, Environmental Club, Unified Track, and i play soccer.

Jenna Kulka


My name is Jenna Kulka. I’m a sophomore at General McLane. I like to play volleyball and spend time with my friends and family.

Maiden Zietz


Hi I’m Maiden. I’m a student at GMHS. I enjoy playing volleyball, hanging out with my friends and family, and being outside in the summer.

Dylan Fisher


Hi, I’m Dylan Fisher. I enjoy running Cross Country, playing video games, and chatting with friends.

Abby McIntyre


I really enjoy riding horses, playing sports, and being outside.

Mackenzie Vogel


Hi, my name is Mackenzie Vogel, and I am a freshman this year attending GMHS. Outside of attending school, I enjoy outdoor activities along with horseback riding. I look forward to Newspaper this year!

Mickenzie Robson


I’m in 11th grade, I enjoy making TikToks, and watching “All American.”

Gabe Williams


I'm a junior and I shoot trap for GM. Outside of school I like to ride and work on dirt-bikes and four-wheelers as well as ski. I want to make the newspaper great again.

Emma Kulisek


Hello, I’m Emma. This is my first year of doing newspaper. I like to read and watch Netflix in my free time. My goal for this quarter is to pass all of my classes and to have fun in newspaper.

Savannah Yonkin


I’m Savannah Yonkin and I’m a junior at GMHS. I am involved in soccer, cheerleading, dance, robotics, NHS, and student council. Any spare time I have I either am working at Subway, taking photos, or spending time with my pitbull....

PJ Berger


Hi, my name is PJ Berger I am a freshman. This is my first year doing the newspaper. I play basketball and like to sleep. My goal for the newspaper is to put out content that I believe the student would enjoy.

Kyle Cousins


My name is Kyle Cousins and I am a student at General McLane high school.  I participate in many sports.  I also enjoy playing video-games listing, to music, and eating.  My goal for the quarter is to have an enjoyable time...

Shannon Marquis


Hi, I am Shannon. It is my first year of doing the newspaper. In my free time I enjoy going horseback riding, hanging out with friends, and playing with my dog. My goal is to have fun in newspaper and become a better writer

Mallory Grucza


Hi! I’m Mallory. It’s my first year of being in the newspaper. I have been playing piano for 10 years. I’m in the Spanish Club, Key Club, and I’m the student council Treasurer. I would like to learn to better myself as...

Sera Mikesell


My name's Sera Mikesell, and I go General McLean High School. Some of my interests are signing, gymnastics, and spending time with friends and family.

RJ King


Hi my name is RJ King. This is my first year doing the Newspaper. I play soccer and enjoy being active. My goal for this quarter is to write a good article.

Aaron Cornejo-Lopez


Hi my name’s Aaron Cornejo-Lopez ,and I’m a freshman. I play on the basketball team, like hanging with friends, and I like Sponge-Bob. I can’t wait to make a contribution to the newspaper!

Owen Martin


Hi my name is Owen Martin. I am currently in my freshman year and this is my first year with the newspaper. I’m on the 9th grade basketball team and I enjoy drinking chocolate milk. History is my favorite subject in school....

Anna Sisson


Hello. I am Anna. This is my first year in newspaper, and my first year in the high school. I enjoy playing video games, such as Warframe, Detroit; Become Human, Minecraft, Defiance, etc. I love to listen to music, my choices...

Michael Paul Stroup


Hello my name is Michael Stroup. I’m a freshman in GMHS. I enjoy playing video games, spending time with the family and alone time. I hope to make the newspaper even more enjoyable with good stories.

Sarah Banta


I’m a sophomore in high school, and this is my second year in newspaper. I play softball for the school and for a travel team out of Ohio. Outside of school I like to hangout with friends and family.

Kylie Roney


I'm a sophomore at GMHS.  I hope to become a better writer through writing for the Lancer Ledger.  



I’m short. I hope to sell the most news papers in school history. Follow me on instagram @alextheshortkid.

Serenity Scantling


Im Serenity. I’m a sophomore here at GM and I’m also in the color guard for the marching band. Outside of school I work at McDonald’s.  

Lizzy Coates


My name is Lizzy Coates, and this is my first time writing for the newspaper. As a senior, I’m involved in marching band, Student Council, NHS, Link Crew, and Key Club, and I work at Tim Horton’s. Also, my dog is the best.

Cody Stempka


My name is Cody Stempka and I'm a junior here at General Mclane. I plan to write about either about school activities or school issues. I’m involved in Cross Country and Track and field. I enjoy to have fun after school by hunting...

Peyton Scheuer


Hi my name is Peyton Scheuer and I have written articles for the newspaper for a while now, I enjoy it as well.

Sky Bowers


I am a sophomore in high school and this is my first time ever being in newspaper. I bake outside of school with my aunt. I like to hangout with friends and family also.

Jared Iavarone-Campbell


Hi I’m Jared this is my first year in newspaper I enjoy football, music, and sleep and I look forward to writing about sports.

Ian Smith


My name is Ian Smith I’m a senior at GMHS and this is my first year in newspaper. I enjoy participating in GM track and field and lifting. My hobbies include tennis, hiking, and spikeball.

Kayle Seidel


Hi, I am Kayle and I am a junior at GMHS. This is my first year taking newspaper, and I am excited to write about sport and events in the world. I enjoy playing volleyball and watching "Gossip girl in my free time.

Kole Repine


Hi, my name is Kole. I like to shoot trap, hunt, fish, and sleep. My job for the newspaper is a reporter.

Emma Snyder


Hi, my name is Emma Snyder. This is my first year on the newspaper. I enjoy writing, reading, and playing with my dog.

Colin Ramey


Hi, I'm Colin Ramey, and this is my first year working for the Lancer Ledger. I’m interested in technology and astronomy, and I’m eager about working on the school paper.

Rinoa McCain


Hi, I’m Rinoa, and this is my first year participating in putting together the newspaper. I enjoy sleeping and eating while not in school. I also have a part time job outside of school. I am excited to be able to share the news...

Adam Conn


I'm Adam and this is my second time on the Newspaper staff. When I’m not writing important articles for the paper you can find me with the boys, sleeping, or even playing 2k. I’m excited to write about sports. SAFTB!! Catch...

Olivia Hodapp


My name is Olivia Hodapp and this is my first year being with the newspaper. When I’m not in school, I enjoy walking my dog and hanging out with my friends. I’m really excited to be part of the Lancer Ledger this year.

Morgan Shelhamer


Hi, my name is Morgan, and this is my first year in Newspaper. In school, I participate in Link Crew, Battle of the Books, Photography Club, and National Honors Society. Outside of school, I enjoy riding horses, reading books,...

Carter Willis


Hey guys, I’m Carter Willis and this is my first year on the newspaper staff. I’m looking forward to writing articles about sports and what’s going on around the school. I like watching sports and hanging with friends in...

Joe Lewis


Hi, my name is Joe Lewis and I have been a newspaper staff member for 1 quarter.  I play soccer year round, and I enjoy movies, sleeping, writing, and science.  I also work at Crossroads Diner in Edinboro, where I have lived...

Ben Lipinski


Hi I’m Ben Lipinski this is first year in the newspaper. I like to play football and be outdoors. I also like going out to eat and hanging out with my friends.

Billy Jukes


Hi I’m Bill. I play football and basketball. I love skateboarding, it’s my passion. I’m already a professional. I make big bank.

Rachel Lesko


Howdy, I’m Rachel! I like drinkin’ sweet tea and pettin’ dogs. I also enjoy watching the sun set and writing poetry. I waste my life away at school and cry in my free time.

Calleigh Nurse

Reporter/ Social media manager

Hi, I’m Calleigh, and I’m a junior. Some things that I’m involved with include; cheerleading, FBLA, link crew, and newspaper club!  

Logan Morgan

My name is Logan, and I’m a senior. I enjoy watching movies, playing video games, listening to music, sleeping, eating, and spending time with friends.

Rynn Hurrle

I’m a freshman in high school. This is my first year on newspaper. Some of my hobbies include drawing, writing, and collecting animal bones.

Cameron Antoniotti

Observer of the Arts

Howdy, my name is Cameron Antoniotti, and I am a sophomore at General McLane. This is my first year doing the newspaper and I’m excited to write. I’m an avid vinyl record collector and movie buff. I also spend a hefty amount...



Hi, I’m Ali I work to much I don’t have free time.

Tyler Fickle


Greeting, To whom it may concern My name is Tyler Fickle and I enjoyed watching football and basketball. I play football for GM and enjoy spending my free time with family and friends.  

Kaden Wright


Hey! My name is Kaden Wright and I am a Freshman. I am looking forward to writing and editing articles for the GMHS Lancer Ledger! :)

Aralyn Lewin


Vice President of editorial board. I’m a junior in student council, newspaper, link crew, and key club. I enjoy volunteering at the Erie YMCA. Layout and editing are my favorite things to do for the newspaper and I’m excited...

Jesús Nobles


I’m out here no cap. Just made this for class purposes. Imma out sell Alex 💯

Destinee Myers


I am a freshman, and I am looking forward for writing for the newspaper  

Emily Robie

Reporter Staff

My name is Emily, and this is my first year of being a part of the newspaper staff. I am in marching band, link crew, the junior fire department, and I work as a hostess at Cracker Barrel.

Kennedy Kosienski


Hi! My name is Kennedy and this is my first year on the staff of the Lancer Ledger. I participate in the GMHS Girls Soccer team, Photography club, and Mandarin club. Outside of school, I enjoy horseback riding, hunting, fishing,...

Faith Morrow


I'm a senior in high school involved in Newspaper, theatre, vocal jazz, and link crew! I love my two cats and chilling with a book. I'm hoping to major in journalism or communications in the future.

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